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5 of Manchester's Top Pizzerias

Pizza is one of the world’s most favourite fast foods with the average person from the UK eating around 700 pizzas in a lifetime. If we are going to consume that much pizza, then let’s make sure it’s some damn fine pizza. We have listed our top 5 pizzerias in Manchester below.

1) Ramona Pizzeria

40 Swan St, Manchester M4 5JG

Why? Detroit-style pizzeria located in a former MOT garage and a recent addition to the scene. What’s Detroit style pizza you ask? Well, it’s a descendent of Sicilian-style pizza and is rectangular in shape with a soft airy focaccia base and caramelised cheesy crispy edges. As well as serving up some super hawt pizza they also offer a range of sauces from Detroit Honey Hot Sauce to Truffle Mayo. Wowzers! Stay tuned, there's more to come from team Ramona...



2) Ciaooo Pizzeria

62-64 Swan St, Manchester M4 5JU

Why? Ciaooo specialises in Authentic Neapolitan Sourdough pizza. To class your pizza as Neapolitan it must be garnished with ingredients preferably from the Campania region. San Marzano Tomatoes-CHECK, Mozzarella di Bufala Campana- CHECK. This Neopolitan style pizzeria also has a section of their menu dedicated to the pearly Burrata. So close your eyes, block out that Manchester rainstorm and let yourself be whisked away to paradiso Italiano.



3) Crazy Pedros.

55-57 Bridge St, Manchester M3 3BQ / Short St, Manchester M4 1AA

Why? Party and pizza? We like that combo. Crazy Pedro’s pizza parlour is where you can unwind from that crappy day at work with a beer and a slice of pepperoni pizza. Their pizza menu is like a pizza theme park, there’s plenty of thrills like the ‘Fried Chicken + Waffle’ pizza but the main attraction for us is the ‘Pedro’s World-Famous Hot Dog Pizza'-hot dog, American cheese, crispy onions, French’s mustard & ketchup. You won’t want to get off this ride.



4) Four Side Vegan Pizza

Cafe 16-20 Turner Street, Manchester, M4 1DZ

Why? No, we’re not obsessed with Detroit-style pizza. YOU'RE OBSESSED! You’ll only find 100% vegan rectangular pan pizza here. The pizza base is so fluffy you could use it as a pillow...but we think we'll eat it instead. The team have worked really hard to create a ‘pepperoni’ pizza using seitan and we APPROVE! Located in the heart of the Northern Quarter this pizzeria has got us obsessed with vegan pizza and we're not even vegan!!



5) Nell’s Pizza

The Common 39-41 Edge St, Manchester M4 1HW / The Beagle 456-458 Barlow Moor Rd M21 0BQ

Why? NYC pizza baby! (except it’s made in MCR). New York Pizza is characteristically large in size with a thin crust, just like Nells here. So grab yourself a 22" and get in that New York state of mind. The demand for Nell's pizza is so high they even launched their own cook-at-home pizza range in independent grocery stores across Manchester. It's only a matter of time before we are all wearing our 'I ❤️Nell's Pizza' T-shirts.


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