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5 of Liverpool's Best Beer Gardens

With the great outdoor beer gardens of Britain set to re-open in April, we got to thinking, where is our favourite place to drink outdoors in Liverpool? This turned into a debate amongst the Glug team as we each have our favourites but luckily we all agreed on the below. April 12th may be a Monday, it will probably rain, but we doubt that will stop you lot from making it to one of these outdoor watering holes!

1) Kazimier Garden

32 Seel Street, L1 4BE

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest beer garden of them all? A fairytale playground tucked away on Seel street waiting to be discovered by passers-by. Serving a selection of cask ales, crafty beers and slushie cocktails on a sunny day. The Kaz folk are notorious for throwing a spectacular party with an electric line up of live music on the stage, you'll feel like you're at a mini-festival.


2) The Botanical Garden

49 New Bird St, Liverpool L1 0BW

An urban jungle with the sole purpose of worshipping Gin. Located in the hip Baltic Triangle, these gin worshippers will attempt to bewitch you with their Gin sorcery. Let them!! The Botanical Garden also has some serious sunlight trapping skills. The staff even supply you with free sunscreen. Cute!


3) Free State Kitchen

1 Maryland St, Liverpool L1 9DE

East Coast inspired burger kitchen with a hidden backyard paradise to frolic in. You could sit here until nightfall under their twinkly festoon lights. The bar serves a wide range of beverages from draught beer to gin balloons. Fun fact, it was once a convent garden. That explains the Jesus statue. Don't worry, you're not the only one getting a selfie with him.


4) Goodness Gracious, OH ME OH MY

West Africa House, 25 Water St, Liverpool L2 0RG

A rooftop oasis offering captivating views of Liverpool's waterfront. 10/10 location. Simply perfect for a sunny day with a chilled atmosphere. Located in West Africa House you take a lift to reach the rooftop bar. The bar offers a range of beer, ciders and prosecco. This truly is a hidden gem so keep it on the down-low.



45 - 61 Duke St, Liverpool L1 5AP

A recent addition to the Liverpool beer garden scene. Pins Social Club really does have it all. Just when you thought they couldn't offer us any more enjoyment they go and open a super spacious rooftop terrace to their ever-expanding complex. You’ll have plenty of cocktails to choose from here as well as some fun games like shuffleboard and table tennis.

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