Content is an innovative music, arts, drinking and eating space constructed from repurposed materials such as shipping containers. At the heart of Content is a large 1200 capacity purpose built venue, home to weekly sell out shows. Outside visitors can enjoy Content Garden, a repurposed space with seating and a bar with space for 300 people.


MUSIC- Music is at the very heart of Content. Each weekend sell out shows play a wide variety of music and spaces are available inside at Content Venue and outside at Content Garden. ART-Content is here to embrace the art community with exhibition spaces available throughout the venue & outdoor space. DRINK-Content prides itself on a wide variety of drinks from some of the region’s best bartending talent. Bars are located inside Content Venue as well outside at Content Garden. throughout the venue & outdoor space. EAT- Food can be enjoyed at Content Garden from the many establishments at The Baltic Triangle.

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