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At Glug we are always working at making a product that is right for you the users ! We want to know from you where we should focus our time and effort rather than waste time on the boring stuff. Join our research department.                                     Team Glug 

Interested in room service?

Glug room service will allow customers to order from their phones to you directly. Giving you the ability to manage and complete these orders. 

manage guests orders from one device


monitor activity to help optimise staffing, stock requirements etc

communicate effortlessly 


operate efficiently and safely

affordable and reliable 


Interested in order and collect?

Glug order and collect will allow customers to order from their phones to you directly and arrange collection. 

affordable and reliable 

easy to set up (< 24 hours) and manage

allow customers to discover what you have to offer

market special offers and offer discounts

Thank you.
Team Glug


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