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Our story

Glug was founded by a group of friends who started scribbling their ideas onto a piece of paper. After Lewis brought up the initial idea, their combined experience of the hospitality industry made it clear that there was space for something new. Spurred on by the effects of COVID-19, the team grew to set their plans into action. A few months later the Glug app was live and in use, being tested in a handful of high volume bars and restaurants. With the testing phase done, Glug is now building their UK business community. 



Technology is now being used to reassure customers about safety measures, cleaning schedules, collecting data, and eliminating touchpoints between customers and staff. ‘Right now, technology
is a neccessity,’ reflects Josh Burke, CEO and co-founder of Glug,
an ordering and payment app.


Crowdfunding...Coming soon!

Don't miss out on a once in a life time opportunity to be a shareholder of Glug.  We are raising money to take Glug to the next level. We have built our product, tested it in the market, and it's proved to be a great product that solved all and more of the problems we imagined it would. 

If you are interested, register your interest below. 


Management Team

Josh Burke

Co-Founder & CEO

Josh has started a number of successful ventures, including the multi-million pound events company, Bongo’s Bingo. The event was an overnight success, taking residency across 50+ venues in less than 5 years.

Lewis Allbones

 Co-Founder & COO

While struggling to find information about local bars and their offerings, Lewis came up with the idea of Glug. He has an extensive background in Project Management, which enabled us to get the Glug ball rolling.

Carl Whiteside

Co-Founder & CDO

Carl has led the design of digital banking propositions throughout the GCC.  Prior to moving to the UAE, Carl was a director of an arts & music event and a co-founder of a multi purpose venue in Liverpool, UK.


Alexander Lagoyiannis

Co-Founder & MD

Alex graduated as a Product Design Engineer. He has worked at Shua ltd for 3+ years managing expansion and delivery of existing/start up business’s, including the design and build of Content Liverpool.

Hira Cross

Chief Product Officer

Hira ensures our features 'excite and delight' our customers. Before joining Glug, Hira led the product function for the UK’s leading hospitality technology company working with key brands across Europe and USA.

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Bones & Burke Ltd

23 Providence Crescent, Hull, United Kingdom, HU4 6EF.

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