Don't Queue, Glug.


What is Glug?

The social ordering app.


Glug allows customers to find venues, browse live digital menus and order with a few taps of their smartphone. Not only do merchants save on costs, but they increase their efficiency too!

Pretty powerful technology for one small app.


What we do


Digital menu & payments

Users can view customised menus, select what they want to order, and even add a note. Update your menu instantaneously with new items or change them to unavailable if you sell out. 

Payments can be made without leaving the app, using a debit/credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Cafe Work
Image by Brooke Cagle

Order management system

Easily view and manage incoming orders via your dashboard. Waiting times can be adjusted, servers can be assigned to orders, sales reports can be analysed and much more.  

Technical & customer support

We have a dedicated support team at Glug and we're on hand to help you every step of the way. From setting up your menus to providing customer support - we have your back!

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How it works


For businesses

Cafes, bars, pubs & restaurants.

Image by Samantha Gades

For users

Customers who make orders & more via the app


Venue dashboard

With Glug, losing trade due to wait times is now a thing of the past. The dashboard insights allows you to maximise staff efficiency, analyse reports, up-sell on orders and increase the visibility of your offers and discounts.


Ordering app

User will never have to queue again. Glug provides an easy to find new places to eat and drink as well as making the ordering process a lot less stressful.  The orders are sent directly to a table or collected form the bar and can be made from any mobile device.


Get more info

Simply fill in the details below and we'll send you start up pack to get your business set up on Glug.


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